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Here are a few tips once you have properly installed your TBI unit on to the intake:

1.  Inspect all vacuum ports on the front and rear of unit and be sure they are properly connected as to prevent vacuum leaks.

2.  Make sure the IAC valve is tight, but do not try to over-tighten it.

     a.  If your idle is 1500rpm or higher check for vacuum leaks or you may need to set minimum idle air for IAC ( see technical info).

3.  DO NOT tamper with the idle stop screw as that disrupts the TPS voltage.

     a.  If blades are sticking please contact us prior to driving vehicle and we can assist you in their correction.

4.  Once fully installed and connected turn key on/ignition off.  Check for fuel leaks around fuel fittings, regulator cover and injectors.

     a.  if there are no leaks then start the vehicle.  

     b.  repeat leak check

     c.  watch spray pattern on injectors.  Make sure it's a nice conical spray with no large droplets of fuel     

     d.  if an injector is not spraying fuel then lightly tap the side of the injector pod with a plastic screw driver handle

     e.  or use something to tap the pintle tower on top of the injector between the electrodes

Please remember your engine build is "custom".  It requires custom tuning and data logging for it to operate properly.  Diagnosing is difficult via phone.