I do not give tech support on computer related issues.  I give tech support with regards to the TBI unit ONLY.  I do not give engine build recommendations.

TBI Fuel Injection Calculators


Installation and Overhaul Instructions


7.4L 454 TBI Differences


Computer Controlled Diagram


How to Make an Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator


Aeromotive 13301 Instructions


Edelbrock 3704 Performer TBI Intake Instructions


Holley Pro-Jection TBI Intake


TBI Fuel Pressure Regulator Cover Comparisons


Torque Specification


Serpentine Belt Diagram w/o Smog Pump


IAC & TPS Adjusting


Timing, TPS, IAC, Idle & Computer Relearn Procedures


TBI Trouble Shooting and Performance Issues


How to Test the ECM and TBI Sensors


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7.4LTBI Comparison