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SPR Performance (A.K.A. TBIPARTS) is proud to say that we have successfully built over 2000 TBI units since we began in 2008.  


I have been interested in GM TBI setups for many years and while working on my current project (1992 Firebird 305 to 350 conversion) I noticed that there was a significant lack of products for this type of setup. I was frustrated that I couldn’t find certain gaskets or parts unless I purchased a high dollar kit somewhere or searched the internet literally for days. So, my quest to find an answer to this problem began in late spring of 2008.


  SPR Performance specializes in GM Fuel injection components with a main focus on GM TBI systems and customizing overhaul gasket kits. I am continually expanding my product line and developing/modifying new products. My product line is primarily found on eBay, but not limited to the products found in my eBay store (tbiparts).


  I am fortunate that I have many resources available so, if I can’t help you I am sure that I can send you in the right direction.


  My goal is to provide the highest quality new and used parts and accessories for GM TBI systems at a very competitive/affordable price.


  Thank you for your interest and support!