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Base unit:

All of our cores are fully inspected, ultrasonically cleaned, glass-bead blasted, and shaft is bushed.  Any damaged threads are either tapped or we insert an EZlok thread insert.   SBC units are bored to 46mm and custom laser cut blades are installed. BBC units are bored to 54mm and custom laser cut blades are installed.   Proper blade angle is set to insure correct RPM.  A permanent red LocTite is used to secure blade screws.  We use a VHT chemical resistant paint to coat the throttle shaft, linkage and springs to help protect against corrosion. 

Pod Assembly:

We install matched fuel injectors (within 2% of each other) that have been ultrasonically cleaned, flushed, back-flushed, flow-tested, electrically tested and lubricated.  New large and small filters, large and small O-rings are installed.  SBC we raise the pod to 1/4” using two of the stock 1/8” fibrous gaskets.  We can upgrade you to our 1/4” 6061 aluminum spacer for an additional charge.   BBC we remove the thin top and bottom gaskets off of the plastic pod spacer.  Coat the spacer with a VHT paint and install it with new upper and lower thin pod spacer gaskets.  We secure the pod assembly to the TBI base using stainless socket cap screws and blue LocTite.

Fuel Meter Cover:

Newly designed regulator diaphragm is installed with a more stable pintle to help stabilize pressure.  New stainless steel regulator spring is installed in a stock cover that we make adjustable.  Cover is installed with stainless screws using a blue LocTite and new large and small fuel meter cover gaskets.  We will set the pressure for you, but you will be able to adjust that pressure if necessary by removing the 8 socket cap screws from the fuel meter cover and turning it upside down.  You will see an allen head set screw.  Turning clock-wise increases pressure.

Fuel Nuts/Fittings:

Fuel fittings are installed in the rear of the injector pod assembly with new Teflon washers.

Sensors: Throttle position sensor (TPS)- Idle air control valve (IAC)

We install new ACDelco, Genuine GM or Standard Motor Products sensors on each of our units.   We set the TPS voltage for you typically at .600V.   Once the IAC valve is installed we move the pintle close to the factory desired position to help with initial startup RPM/idle.


Each kit includes a custom laser cut base flange gasket specific to year and engine size, inlet and outlet o-rings for the lines from fuel tank, air cleaner gasket, extra fuel meter cover gaskets, warranty and basic TBI instructions.

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